Massive off-grid solar warehouse in Welshpool - open to the public 6 days - have a sneak peek with google maps

Our warehouse is full of solar PV panels, rail and mount to suit all kinds of off-grid applications from 4WD, camping & campervans to tiny homes, shacks, agricultural and rural properties. Over 80% of the solar panels we retail are second-life or warehouse seconds. We believe these high-performance products should fulfil their complete functional lifecycle. Panels arrive assessed and we provide a five-year warranty because we are confident in their capabilities. 

These are the more sustainable and green option in alignment with our circular economic principles.

Availability of specific 2nd life or warehouse seconds panels is unpredictable. Stock levels listed reflect real-time availability and if levels are lower than your requirements, your best option is to choose a different panel. It could be six months, a year, or we may never receive more of a particular panel.


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