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IAMMETER Bi-Directional Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter – WEM3080T – 250A – 50Hz – Din Rail Mount


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The WEM3080T-250A by Iammeter is a 3-phase (up to 250A per line) energy meter that is Bi-Directional, Din rail mounted, Wi-Fi energy meter/Wi-Fi electricity monitor using split CT cores for easy installation.

It is a highly integrated power meter with Wi-Fi module embedded, which measures the data, such as single-phase AC voltage, current, power etc, and transmits them to cloud via WiFi network


Using the Iammeter online system, you can easily monitor, track and analyse energy consumption in your home. Multiple units are able to be compared against each other, and 3-phase models are able to compare each line readings, making it suitable for single-phase systems as well. They can then use be used for smart home automation.

ie. If one line is used to monitor a solar (PV) system, another for the main (grid) line, and a 3rd for the house loads. Its possible to automate certain devices to operate to make best use of power. Like turning on the air-conditioning during the day when the solar is producing more power than the house is using.

Iammeter have a Cloud Based Online system, but the units also support open API, meaning the information can be tracked locally via LAN or on your own server.

Currently it is compatible with third parties, such as HomeAssistant, openHAB etc. with more platforms coming soon.


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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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