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12/24v BMS – Suit 3V Lithium Cells Zeva


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12/24v BMS – Suit 3V Lithium Cells Zeva

4-12 Cell Lithium Battery Management System

The ZEVA BMS12i is an integrated battery management system for lithium battery packs
containing 4-12 cells in series and 5-1200Ah capacity. It is suitable for both electric vehicle

and battery storage applications. The BMS12i includes an internal power supply to allow it to

run directly from the battery pack, internal shunt resistors for automatic pack balancing, dual

solid state relay outputs for switching power contactors to protect charging and discharging

of batteries, built-in current shunt interface for measuring current and calculating battery

state of charge, and a CAN bus port for optional colour touchscreen interface or integration

with third party control systems.



  • Number of cells: 4-12
  • Battery types: LiFePO4, LiCo, LiMn, NMC, etc
  • Accuracy: Within 0.002V per cell
  • Battery capacity: 5-1200Ah
  • Current measurement: Up to 1000A via shunt interface, or 1200A via CAN hall sensor
  • Dimensions: 104x78x18mm, 2x Ø4mm mounting holes 98mm apart
  • Outputs: Dual solid state relays, 60V 1A max, internally fused
  • CAN bus interface (non-isolated), 250kbps 29-bit by default
  • Power consumption: Approx 30mA when running (with both output relays closed and a
    monitor connected to the CAN bus), 8mA when sleeping

Manual Download: BMS12i_Manual.pdf

Additional information
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 cm


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