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New Carbon Plus – 12V Battery 200AH Lead Carbon


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Carbon Plus 12V 200Ah Lead-Carbon deep cycle batteries

– Higher Charge / Discharge Rates
More than double the charge rate of conventional deep cycle batteries

– Extremely long cycle life
1600 cycles at 80% depth of discharge – a lot more if you don’t cycle as deep

– Better heat tolerance
Operating temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

– Low Internal Resistance
Especially useful for off grid applications with many charge / discharge cycles throughout the course of a day

-Inhibits Sulfation
The #1 killer of deep cycle batteries

– New cells can be mixed with old to extend battery bank life
Especially useful for larger banks or modular applications

-Lower Float voltage
Increase efficiency and reduce electrolyte loss

– No maintenance
No worries

-No complex electronics

-Low self discharge


Why chose Carbon Plus?

Lead – Carbon batteries use a specialised negative electrode that incorporates Carbon nanoparticles. The carbon component stores a static charge and acts as an inbuilt supercapacitor, absorbing heavy currents without causing the battery to overheat. This provides faster and more efficient charging and discharging and a lower internal resistance compared to a conventional deep cycle battery.

In normal deep cycle batteries, both AGM and Gel, sulfate crystals form on the negative electrode when discharged too far and under heavy loads. This process, called sulphation, is the number one reason deep cycle batteries ‘die’. In lead – carbon batteries, sulphation is all but eliminated, resulting in a battery that can be safely discharged to 80% empty thousands of times, can tolerate heavy loads, and is far more tolerant of heat. Lead – Carbon batteries require a lower float voltage, which means that once they are fully charged you are using far less energy to keep them topped up.

In addition to the benefits of their composite negative electrode, Carbon Plus batteries use thick, high quality plates to maximise cycle life and cope with the fluctuating demands of off grid applications. Just compare the weight to other deep cycle batteries! Their robust construction makes them the perfect maintenance – free, set – and – forget battery for an off grid system that needs to be absolutely bulletproof.

Charge parameters

Absorption Voltage: 2.35V / cell

Float: 2.25V / cell

Max. absorption time: 2 hours

Equalisation: 2.4V / cell for up to 12 hours.

Temperature compensation: 0.0035V/ °C /cell, any higher than 25 degrees

Low voltage cutout / generator start: 1.8V / cell absolute minimum, 1.9V / cell recommended.

Additional information
Weight 74.00 kg
Dimensions 54 × 29 × 25 cm
Amp Hours

Battery Type

Battery Voltage



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