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Lead-carbon is the new kid on the block in the consumer battery market. Perhaps you’ve heard of them but you’re not sure what the hype is or what sets them apart from other batteries?

Lead-Carbon is to Lithium as a Land Rover is to a Ferrari, with AGM comparable to the family run-around. Lithium offers incredible performance but it’s high maintenance, needing support from the BMS to ensure it doesn’t get outside its narrow comfort zone. AGM is durable, but if you push it too low too many times you’ll kill it.

Lead-Carbon can withstand an absolute thrashing and still perform, with higher charge/discharge rates and an extremely long cycle life, they’re simple to install, low maintenance and have better heat tolerance than other batteries on the market. 

carbonPLUS are so sure of the performance capabilities of their lead-carbon batteries that they’ve offered up one 12v 100Ah as sacrifice for The KILL Test. We’ll be keeping the battery on a continuous full-discharge cycle, taking it all the way down to 6v – beyond the manufacturers recommended 100% discharge range. 

To put things into perspective an AGM can survive an average of six cycles down to 6v before its dead. A lithium battery has a BMS because without it, after one cycle down to 6v it would be toast!


The Kill Test began running on Saturday 10th June after an initial capacity test. 

You can see the results below which will be updated daily. 

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We tested the initial capacity of our 12v100ah out of the box and it was 138Ah, how many cycles (down to 6v) do you think it will take to reach its stated 100Ah capacity?
Place your bets now and be in for a chance to win a carbonPLUS 12v100Ah battery!


Our 100Ah Carbon-Plus battery put up an incredible fight enduring 9 months of constant full-discharge cycles. During the test there were a couple of long weekends where the battery sat fully discharged, the laptop running the test died and yet our trusty battery kept on going.

This really demonstrates just how resilient lead-carbon batteries are.

Check out the lead carbon range:

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