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Tech Tips

Prevent Loose Connections - Check and Tighten Terminals

As the weather heats up, loose connections can become an issue. Follow our tips for the best chance of preventing loose connections, and always check your terminals as the seasons change.

Parallel VS Series: The Battery Edition

This edition of Parallel VS Series covers batteries. If you’re wondering how battery configuration affects voltage, amp-hours and capacity, this will hopefully help.

Battery Charger Temperature Compensation Settings
Temperature compensation is a feature of some high quality battery charging devices that can improve the lifespan of your battery.
Calculating Watt-hours

Imagine you have a 100Ah 12v battery and a 100Ah 48V battery, which one stores more energy? The 48V 100Ah battery stores 4x the power of the 12V 100Ah battery.

Tech Talks

Troubleshooting Lithium

This edition we tackle troubleshooting different lithium battery options; both prebuilt and DIY.

Unveiling the Power of Lead-Carbon Technology Batteries: A Comprehensive Guide

Everyone knows about lead-acid batteries and most are aware of lithium, but if lead-carbon still has you scratching your head, this talk is for you.

Decoding Battery Technologies: AGM, Lead-Carbon, and LiFePO4 Batteries

Among the diverse battery technologies available, three noteworthy contenders are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, Lead-Carbon batteries, and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

DC Ripple and Batteries

DC Voltage is usually thought of as constant – You have a 12V battery, it outputs a steady Voltage, only changing gradually as it is charged and discharged.

What’s the Safest Battery?

The most common batteries used today in small to household – sized setups fall into two categories – Lead acid and Lithium.

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